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Bobby Hitt

Workshop Creations Aficionado

My name is Bobby and I am a creator. Not creator spelled with a capital “C”, so don’t click the exit button yet. No blasphemy intended, I just mean I like to create things.

My wife and I live in a converted warehouse near downtown Houston. It is an industrial environment with exposed ductwork, electrical conduit on the walls, pipes running the length of the loft and so forth; which is perfect for the sort of things I like to build. For our loft, I’ve fabricated a myriad of things including two guardrails, a wooden platform in our theater room to elevate a rear couch like in a movie theater; various light fixtures, shelves and on and on...Read More

Crazy Design Skills - 85%

Material Steel - 65%

Material wood - 25%

Material other - 10%

Designing even simple things is a process in which both creator and material evolve.

- Bobby Hitt -


My workbench

This is the workbench I made for working metal. I have a big mammajamma metal vise on one end with an anvil section to beat metal on and a grinder on the other. My motley assortment of hand tools live on shelves under the bench.

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My wife at last recognizes the value of my shop. There are plenty of things I get pushed into doing for her that she knows would be impossible to do without my shop.

Most of the time I leave the garage door open while I work and lots of envious men walk by with their wives; commenting that they wish they had a shop. I feel blessed to have it and will show you some of its features and a few projects I’m working on...Read More

Some Examples

I create unique responses to useful objects.
Take a look at examples below, or take a look at the portfolio.

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