New projects...Progress.

Raw cedar beam pot rack 15%

Antique coffee grinder floor lamp 30%

Gear based table lamp 43%

My wife at last recognizes the value of my shop. There are plenty of things I get pushed into doing for her that she knows would be impossible to do without my shop. Most of the time I leave the garage door open while I work and lots of envious men walk by with their wives; commenting that they wish they had a shop. I feel blessed to have it and will show you some of its features and a few projects I’m working on.

Workbench for metal

This is the workbench I made for working metal. I have a big mammajamma metal vise on one end with an anvil section to beat metal on and a grinder on the other.

My motley assortment of hand tools live on shelves under the bench.

Workbench for wood

This is the woodworking bench I made from an old maple library table. I had just coated it with polyurethane so it is sitting here on blocks drying. The wood vise is a Record Vise from England which I like very much. But I also wanted a twin-screw vise.

So I made this twin screw vise using parts I cannibalized from an old Chinese workmate knockoff and metal I cut from a piece of 5” X 5” angle iron.

These are the handles I ended up using after deciding I didn’t like the blue ones I originally made from cast iron wheels.

Two of these screws were surgically removed from a Chinese copy of a Black & Decker Workmate like you see in the next photo.

This is the assembled vise ready to install under the woodworking bench. That beast is a lot heavier than it looks and it was no minor feat installing it with no help.

Workshop - works in progress

Take a look at the next page...It will give you clear insight of complete process. Starting with unmatching parts, and assembling it into final product.