Portfolio Item - Pot rack

Materials: Wrought iron and West Texas cedar (Ashe Juniper).

About: This pot rack was completely fabricated from raw materials. I harvested the cedar, de-barked and seasoned it. Then I hand finished it to retain the natural character of the wood. The metal work was likewise created from raw steel bars, cut to size, hand twisted and welded for strength.

I harvested several cedar posts with the intention of making table legs and will likely still do that project. But this particular log had so much interesting character that I immediately started thinking of a way to display it. The steel pot rack portion really sprouted in my mind as a way to use that cedar log.

The pot rack includes two large twisted steel S hooks and two smaller twisted steel S hooks for attaching the rack to the cedar log and the cedar log to the ceiling. This pot rack does not include the display pots and pans or any additional hardware.

This is a unique design that germinated in my head and grew as I began to work with it. I searched and searched on line and cannot find anything even similar to it.

Price: $450

  • Bobby Hitt