My wife is legally blind. I told her I am young, good looking and she already knew I was charming. So there's the answer to that question you had.

Bobby Hitt

Workshop Creations Aficionado Intriguing products built with creativity

My name is Bobby and I am a creator. Not creator spelled with a capital “C”, so don’t click the exit button yet. No blasphemy intended, I just mean I like to create things.

My wife and I live in a converted warehouse near downtown Houston. It is an industrial environment with exposed ductwork, electrical conduit on the walls, pipes running the length of the loft and so forth; which is perfect for the sort of things I like to build. For our loft, I’ve fabricated a myriad of things including two guardrails, a wooden platform in our theater room to elevate a rear couch like in a movie theater; various light fixtures, shelves and on and on.

Crazy Design Skills - 85%

Material Steel - 65%

Material wood - 25%

Material other - 10%

I love making stuff. I especially like making rustic items out of wood and iron or steel in combination. I’m also attracted to what I hear called “steampunk” which is a design genre rooted in the industrial look of a bygone era. Google it and you will get more of an idea than I can convey.

In my day job I am the Senior Vice President of Quality for a design engineering company. But in the evenings and on weekends I throw my identification badge down, tear off my office attire and transform myself into Bobby Bluecollar, Workshop Creations Aficionado. People that have seen my completed projects often suggest that I should make things to sell. There is some appeal in doing that because how many pot racks can I actually use? When I see different components that in my mind coagulate into something, I feel compelled to build it. Then what do I do with it? So on this site you will see a variety of items I have made and I am willing to sell them or create another like it . . . or as close as possible to it.

Another option I offer, especially if you are in Texas reasonably close, is to look at your space, discuss your ideas and create something tailored for you.

I am not a mass producer. All of my work is hand-made in a two-car garage shop that I have equipped for wood working as well as metal working (in spite of my wife crying, “you don’t need another tool!!”). This is a passion for me that I do outside of my normal job and I am meticulous about my work. Perhaps that is because I have had a career in Quality Assurance/Quality Control; but whatever the reason, I am a perfectionist for detail. When I produce something I take pride in it and I want people to recognize the effort and detail that went into the piece.

So wander through my pages and explore my space and my creations. Feel free to contact me with suggestions or comments. If you see something you think you would be interested in, let’s chat about that too. (But forget the wife. I’m rather emotionally attached to her and couldn’t possibly negotiate her sale.)



Designing even simple things is a process in which both creator and material evolve.

- Bobby Hitt -
To discuss contact me.