Portfolio Item - Antique Grain Mill Floor lamp

Materials: Antique grain mill, steel and solid oak.

About: It all started when my wife and I stumbled on an old grain mill at an antique mall. I pointed out to her that it would make a great floor lamp. She was not convinced and I had to argue strenuously to justify paying for an antique that she did not see the value in. Ask her now and she will probable tell you it was her idea.

This lamp was a work of love and required quite a search for all of the materials. The antique grain mill started the whole thing. Then the lamp slowly grew from steel pipe, a John Deere tractor gear for a base attachment to the grinder, 1930's era white milk glass lampshade, vintage cloth covered electrical cord, ceramic bulb holder, vintage push button on/off switch, vintage electrical plug and solid oak base.

I can confidently say there is no other lamp in the world like this one-of-a-kind design.

Price: $3,400

  • Bobby Hitt